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Best System Administrator Training Courses in Lagos, Nigeria

After completing an administration course, individuals may be qualified to work as secretary or administrative assistant. Receptionists in legal, medical and other business offices may also be an option. Another option is customer care. This degree is useful in many areas and can lead to new career opportunities.

Administration courses can help you gain new skills and open doors. Online courses are more flexible and can be taken anywhere. You can find out more information by clicking below on the program that interests you and then filling out this lead form.

You can gain the skills you need to be a successful administrator by taking an administration business course. The students will gain a comprehensive understanding of admin and business, which will help them prepare for the workforce. There are many flexible options for obtaining your admin qualification online. This is the ideal time to increase your industry knowledge.


There will always be a demand for administrative jobs. Administrators and receptionists are essential roles in any business or organisation. They require calmness, order, and the ability to manage a business efficiently.

A formal qualification in business administration or an administration course will make you stand out from other job candidates and help you move up to higher administrative or reception positions. Some industries may require specialized knowledge depending on what service they provide. To be successful, however, you will only need to have a basic knowledge of administrative, financial, and organisational areas.

What does an administrator do?
Administration is the activity or process of running a business smoothly. It is essential for any business, large or small, to be organized and efficient. Administrators are responsible for completing responsibilities such as managing information and greeting customers and clients in a friendly and helpful way. Administrators are responsible for the coordination and execution of office procedures. They also need to be proficient in computer skills and organisation skills.

How to become an administrator
An average salary for office administrators is PS17,000 annually, but this will depend on your work experience. It depends on what job you are applying for. To get started and stand out from the rest, a nationally recognized certification like a Level 1 Administrator Certificate (or a CPD Accredited Course in Office Administration) is the best way. In general, administrative positions require solid literacy and numeracy skills.

Types of administration roles
There are many administrative positions, each with different duties and responsibilities. To determine which type of administrative course is best for your career, it is important to know the differences between them all.

Receptionists have the greatest responsibility as they are the face of the company. They will greet and deal with visitors and clients. This includes general office maintenance, answering client questions and answering phones. You also use technology to aid in organisation. There are many receptionist jobs available in a wide range of places. The majority of businesses and organisations require receptionists to perform their duties. Receptionist salaries average PS16,000 per annum depending on the organisation.
Office Manager

A degree in management might interest students who are looking for a managerial job. These programs can give students the experience necessary to manage various companies by focusing on finance, marketing and business.