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Top 10 Android programming Training courses in Lagos, Nigeria

You can learn Android development online with the Android tutorials and courses recommended by the programming world.

Android is the most widely used smartphone OS in the globe. It is technically a mobile operating system that was built on top a modified Linux kernel and other open-source software. Android was designed for tablets and smartphones.

Why should I learn Android Development

To learn real android development, you need to understand the core concepts of android. These are Activities – which represents your app. Services – These are parts of an app that the user cannot see, but they still play a vital role in the app. Broadcast Receivers – These allow the app to communicate with other android systems.

The Course is a Benefit

Android App Development can lead to many career opportunities. These include the roles of Mobile Application Developer, Android Application Developer, and Software System Developers. As there are many career opportunities in the Android domain, the roles get more exciting.

Amazing Job Opportunities

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Learn from industry experts

Experts who can bring their best practices and case studies into sessions that work around your schedule.

For career growth, upskill

Innovative curriculum that integrates industry and academia for job-ready skills.

Structured Guidance & Learning

Constant Learning Support from Mentors and a Community of Like-minded Peers to resolve any conceptual doubts

Android Development: Why is it beneficial for your career?

What are the prerequisites for Android Learning?

Android application development requires a deep understanding of design and programming. It is often helpful to break down complex technologies when learning new technology. Many of the concepts and technologies involved with Android app development are similar to those you know. However, building apps for mobile devices requires a greater understanding of many more complex concepts.

What are the 5 sections in Android Architecture?

Android is an operating system. It is made up of software components. The main layer is the Linux kernel.


Android runtime

Application Framework


Why use Linux Kernel in Android Architecture?

Android uses the powerful Linux kernel, which supports many hardware drivers. The kernel is the heart and soul of the operating system. It manages the input and output requests made by the software. The kernel provides basic system functionality such as memory management and process management. It also manages multiple features such as display, camera, keypad, and other functions.

Google offers a variety of products and services through the Firebase Umbrella. Find out how to integrate Firebase or AI capabilities into your app.

Only pass the course with a minimum of 60%. If you score 90% or higher, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate.

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