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Corporate finance is about understanding the fundamental concepts of investment evaluation. The role of corporate finance includes understanding how to calculate the return of investment, value stocks and bonds, and how to value assets. You can further your financial education by taking multiple courses on edX that will introduce you to the field as well as teach fundamentals such things like the time value money, capital cost, capital budgeting, and computing net present value (NPV). You can learn from the best universities in New York as well as around the globe. Columbia University, New York Institute of Finance and the India Institute of Management offer online courses and programs that will help you get a finance degree. You can earn a MicroMasters certificate to help you get a Masters of Finance. Or, enroll in a Professional Certificate Program for advanced training in the following areas: understanding free cash flow, valuing investments and measuring return and risk.

Jobs in Corporate Finance

Due to their important role in setting the company’s strategic direction, corporate finance analysts are highly in demand. Working with the CFO, and other executives, the corporate finance officer will analyse complex financial transactions and find growth opportunities. For those just starting out in corporate finance, there are internships available. As an associate analyst or intern, you will be supporting key financial decisions. You will also make investment recommendations and provide research, analysis, and recommendations. Even in an entry-level job, you can influence major company decisions. Although most companies have a large number of corporate finance specialists, banks are a major employer. You can search for corporate financial planners and analysts at JP Morgan Chase or other large financial institutions.

Online courses that cover key topics such as financial forecasting, money management and bookkeeping will help you improve your accounting and finance skills.

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Accounting and finance can be applied to many areas. You might study the concepts of business and finance, or you may move on to more detailed analysis and planning. All these skills can be used in your professional and personal life.

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