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These courses will help you not only understand the basics of HTML/CSS but also provide you with the tools and libraries that you need to create modern web pages.

Modern web development is all about responsive design. This means that your website will look beautiful on various devices. However, you need to have a solid understanding of the underlying technology such as HTML and CSS.

These courses will also show you how to code HTML using DreamWeaver or an online IDE such as Mozzila’s Thimble.
1. Learn the basics of HTML5 and CSS3: Beginning Web Development
This course is a great free way to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript from a front-end web developer’s point of view.

This HTML and Javascript Training Course is free and will cover all the basics, including HTML and Javascript configuration, server setup and understanding HTML and Javascript settings. It also covers creating pages and posts.

You will be able to publish your first HTML or Javascript website with no cost hosting. Mozilla Thimble online HTML editor and CSS editor is also used. The output can be seen on the previous console.

This free course will help you become a front-end web developer. What are you waiting to do? Register now to learn HTML and Javascript and become a web developer expert.

Web Development by Doing: HTML/ CSS From Scratch

This course is a great introduction to HTML and CSS. It literally begins from scratch, but in just an hour, you will be able to create your own website with HTML and CSS.

Instead of boring you with dull theory, the course focuses on practical tasks. The course begins with an overview of web design and then moves on to explain the different ways you can create your website using CMS such as WordPress or tools like Adobe dreamweaver.

Step by step, you will learn how to style HTML elements using CSS. Although the course is not up-to-date and does not cover modern front-end development frameworks such as Bootstrap, it is still worth your time.

This course is a great way to learn HTML and CSS basics in just an hour.

Another free course that teaches HTML and CSS is this one. It’s a great way to get started in modern web development. This course will teach you how to create websites with HTML and CSS.

There are many quizzes, code challenges, and projects in the course. One of the code challenges will require you to create a responsive website that can be used on a mobile device. In the course project, you’ll build a replica of the UK BBC news website, and make it available on Github so potential employers can see it.

It’s amazing, right? I didn’t say that every developer should be able to use Github to show his skills to potential employers.