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Top 10 English Training Courses for Kids In Lagos, Nigeria

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Learn English with our children’s courses: Primary Plus for ages 6-12, Secondary Plus for 12-17.

English language experts designed our courses. Our teaching experience spans over 80 years. Each class is taught by experienced and highly qualified teachers who bring energy to each class.

You may wish to improve your English as a parent so you can support and help your child learn.

No matter your level or motivation, our English teachers will be there to assist you. They will provide the tools you need to communicate confidently in real life and help you achieve personal and professional success.

Your child’s ability to speak English is one of the greatest gifts you can give them. English speakers are more likely to be successful, to have better universities and to travel easier. Learning English as a child will set you up for success in later life.

Online classes are a great way for your child to learn English as a Second Language (ESL) without having to spend a lot or worry about logistical problems. These are our top recommendations for online English classes for children.

What are the types of English classes that can be taken online?

Online learning can be divided into two categories:

Online tutoring where an expert teaches your children

Websites and apps that don’t require tutoring

Each has its pros and cons. We will now examine each of these categories in greater detail, as well as the available classes and applications.

It is convenient

It can impact your family’s free time if you send your child to language school. It will take you a lot of time to drive your child there and back, which can be very frustrating. Children can find the school day exhausting. Children might begin to dislike learning English if you take them to school with you.

Online classes are convenient for both parents and children. You can let your children learn at home and leave them in their pajamas while you relax. It’s a win-win situation!

It makes learning more accessible

Online English classes allow your child to learn in a different way. Your child will have much more practice speaking English online than in a classroom setting. There will also be no other students to chat in their native language. The second is that they will be able to move at their own pace. The tutor will make sure they learn the lesson if they are unable to understand it. A third reason is that children, especially young ones, love to have an adult’s full attention. Many of our young learners enjoy spending time with their tutors online. Learning English is made more fun when you feel supported and “seen”.

It’s more fun

Parenting in 21st century parenting can be difficult. Many children live in close proximity to their phones, tablets, and computers. Their love for screen time can be made to work with online English classes!

Your child will enjoy engaging with an experienced tutor and participating in fun activities on topics that interest them. Online tutors often offer vocabulary games to children for homework, as they understand that learning is easier when it’s enjoyable.

It is flexible

You will have to accommodate the schedule of another person if you send your child to traditional English classes. Online English classes offer flexibility and are much more convenient. Your child can learn with an app and take “classes” whenever they want. You can find out more.

Online tutoring allows you to plan lessons at a time that works best for you and your child.