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Best 10 English Training Courses in Lagos, Nigeria

You can choose between teacher-led or self-study and find a variety of learning materials that will support your learning of the English language. Live, online classes with personalized learning paths, progress tracking, valuable feedback, and personalized learning paths.

Students will also learn writing, grammar, vocabulary skills. This course will help students consolidate and improve their basic grammar knowledge in writing and speaking. Exam strategies will be taught for both the grammar and writing sections. The course will help students understand the writing and grammar tasks of the exam as well as the appropriate discourse structures to use in writing them.

Learn English grammar and vocabulary through interesting topics in journalism and global news.

English for Journalists provides instruction in English language development for students studying journalism or working journalists looking to improve their English proficiency. Students who have a basic knowledge and an interest in journalism should sign up.

This communication course will teach you about the key topics that journalists around the globe need to know. These topics include:

Journalists are responsible for reporting on the news.

Journalism ethics

Inclusive journalism

Local vs. Global journalism

Citizen journalism

Also, we will be looking at grammar, idioms and vocabulary in English.

What you will learn

Learn about the current issues facing journalists around the world

To write better stories, improve your English grammar and vocabulary

Interviews and reports can help you communicate more effectively with others

Understanding ethics, fairness, and equality as they relate to journalism

You can learn the basics of networking and grow your professional network. For greater success in job hunting, practice speaking.

For career success, networking in the business world can be a key factor. Research has shown that many jobs are not advertised. To hire employees, many companies rely on word of mouth advertising. It is important to build relationships with people!

It is also evident that English is an essential language for global job hunting.

What is networking exactly? How do you communicate it in English? This course will help you understand the basics and importance of networking. This course will help you identify the core qualities you want to develop.

You’ll also grow your professional and business connections. You will improve your English speaking skills and confidence while introducing yourself to the world in English. Learn about the business culture of North America and other parts of the world, and improve your English language skills to help you network and find work.

What you will learn

Skip what you’ll learn

Your goal for networking

Take control of your network and decide how to grow it.

Identify your unique talents and qualities

Effective introductions are key to a successful life for you and your family.

LinkedIn and business cards are great ways to build and maintain relationships with your network

Use culturally appropriate greetings, customs, and phrases

What you’ll learn

How to write an informal and formal letter in English

English verb tenses and context:
English grammar and vocabulary
English speaking and listening
Preparation for an interview in English

Learn English language skills at the highest level. All this is done within the context business. Learn how to write letters, use proper verbal tenses, and improve your grammar and vocabulary.