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You must know how to tell Excel what it should do. Online classes are plentiful and can be taken at your own pace. Many classes are designed for students who have some knowledge of the program. Others provide basic instruction for newcomers. You can either start from the beginning or move on to more advanced topics.

We have compiled a list of the top programs for students with a wide range of needs.

Excel is a key component of many businesses. It’s hard to find one. The program is a valuable professional skill that can be used to launch a business, improve an existing one, or search for a job.

Microsoft Excel is a data analysis software. Excel can perform complex tasks such as comparing data and presenting it in different ways. Excel will do the rest.

Take courses to learn excel today. Learn how to analyze data, import files, filter data and much more!

What you’ll learn

Identify data analysis uses cases and create a data-centric mindset to problem solving.

Data models can be used to analyze and manipulate data in order to gain insights.

Analyze data with Formulas, Functions and Datasets. Tables, PivotTables, Pivot Charts. What-If Analysis. Decision-Making Tools.

Make attractive visualizations of data for easy consumption. This includes creating, formatting, and modifying charts and dashboards.

Data is more important than ever. No matter what your profession is, data administration, analysis, and visualization are critical skills that are highly sought after. The ability to understand data is becoming more important, whether you are looking to create business projections, manage inventory, conduct market research, or make business forecasts.

Microsoft Excel is a familiar tool, but few people actually use it to its full potential. Excel’s accessibility and ability to efficiently manage large quantities of data makes it an ideal tool for data analysis. It offers something for everyone. Excel is your friend when it comes time to streamline tasks and deliver professional, valuable data insights. Excel’s powerful data manipulation tools allow even beginners to extract actionable intelligence from raw data.

This hands-on Professional Certificate program will teach you the basics and then move on to advanced data management, analysis, and design. You will learn how to perform regular tasks more quickly, how to create models and templates that can be used in multiple scenarios, and how to design professional visualizations.

Effectively using data goes beyond understanding the tool’s functionality. This program, which draws on real-life examples to help you integrate data analysis into everyday thinking. It will also teach you how Excel can be used to solve problems and provide insight. This data-centric mindset can give you an edge across all industries.

Excel basics, including spreadsheet management and data wrangling.

To manage larger data sets and complex data management, management and modeling, you can improve your Excel skills.

Advanced data analysis, dashboard visualization and data wrangling can be done to support strategic decision-making.