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Top 10 Front-End Training Courses in Lagos, Nigeria

Let’s take a moment to explain the differences between a front end developer and a full-stack developer. In simple words, a front-end developer is responsible for creating the app or website users interact with. The “behind-the scenes” aspects such as databases and infrastructure are taken care of by the back end developer. A full-stack developer can manage the entire design process, from beginning to end.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between front-end and back-end development. Primarily because many of the tasks which fall under the responsibility of back-end developers are increasingly being handled by front-end developers.

A final note: Full-stack engineers are also available. These full-stack engineers are project managers with extensive experience in managing computer networks and systems.

Front End Developer Roles & Responsibilities

You must know what a front-end developer does.

Design and structure your web page

Create features that enhance users’ experience

Finding the right balance between aesthetic and functional design is our goal.

Check that the website design can be used on smartphones

Create reusable codes for future uses

To design web pages, you can use a variety of markup languages
Ensure that the brand is consistent throughout the entire design
Front End Developer Skills for 2021
The front end developer is the star of web/app development and must have a complete toolbox. A front-end developer must have the ability to:

A degree in Computer Science, or a similar field.

Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery coding languages
Learn server-side CSS.

Experience with graphic design software (e.g. Adobe Illustrator).

Learn the principles of SEO

Excellent problem-solving skills

Communicate well with bosses, clients, and teammates

Good interpersonal skills

Salary for Front End Developer

Glassdoor states that a front-end developer in the United States can make an average salary of $86,178 per annum. According to Payscale, a “regular” front end developer can make $71,350 per year.

A junior front-end developer (more information below) makes about $49,000 per year, but it’s not surprising considering their lack of experience and fewer responsibilities.

Note: Click here to understand the differences between, front-end vs. full stack developer.

Do not let the list above intimidate you. These are the steps to becoming a front-end developer.

Learn HTML, JavaScript, and CSS

These languages are essential for app and web development. You need to be familiar with them. It’s not difficult. You can find many online resources that will help you further your knowledge in coding languages. You can earn extra credit by learning JavaScript Frameworks and jQuery.

Get informed

This means that you should read books and articles about front-end development. Understanding the workings of a website will help you understand the different coding languages. YouTube has some great videos to help you complete your learning experience.