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Best 10 HR Training Schools in Lagos, Nigeria

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Free Online Human Resources Courses with Certificates.

Every business and every organisation shares one thing: a fundamental reliance upon human resources. The human resources that make up the workforce will determine how well or poorly a business performs. The HR manager is responsible for the management, development, advancement, and overall creation of the workforce. The HR manager is the glue that holds the team together, from initial hiring through ongoing training and right up to disciplinarian proceedings.

A career in human resources management is a great choice if you have excellent interpersonal skills and a passion for people. Take a look at our free HR courses.

Oxford Home Study College is proud that it offers this free entry-level HR Course. It is 100% free and without strings attached. The course provides a basic overview of HR as a concept, and the role of HR managers. It is ideal for both existing HR professionals and newcomers to this industry. There is no need to have any prior experience or knowledge, and there are no deadlines. All course materials are included. Now is the best time to realize your potential.

This HR course is free and covers three main topics: an overview of human resources management, basic principles of candidate recruitment, and ongoing training and development. You can enroll anytime, 365 days per year. Don’t miss this chance to boost your career prospects.

There are many human resource management courses available, from entry-level programs to diploma-level programs. If you want to be a leader in HR, we recommend that you take a higher-level course. Our lower-level courses are great for those who are just starting out in the field of HR management.

A HR management diploma or certificate of endorsement is guaranteed to help you in your long-term career growth. A higher-level diploma will likely add more weight to your resume and improve your career prospects than an entry level award. You can find all details about our HR diplomas and certificates on our website.

Online training programs are not hybrid. There is no classroom time or in-person meetings. Your course, including all assignments and submissions at the end of each unit, will be 100% conducted online. Study anywhere you like, at your own pace and in your own way.

Online enrollment is quick and easy. We will need to know the details of your course, your contact information, and your preferred payment method. Once you have submitted your information, we will send you your login credentials. These login credentials allow access to our online learning platform. You can also download course materials.

To become a HR assistant, there are no requirements for entry or qualifications. The entry-level HR assistant/administrator position is a good opportunity to advance your career. There is a lot of competition for these roles, so it is important that you have the right educational background and back your CV with a HR certificate or diploma.