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Schools in PPC Courses

We offer a full range of PPC and Display ads courses, as well as Shopping and Programmatic courses
Learn how to use paid social media to increase your brand reach, drive more traffic, and improve your digital marketing strategy.

All aspects of paid media are covered in our courses, including how to create effective Google Ads and PPC campaign campaigns as well as how to get to grips Google Shopping, Display Advertising and the programmatic buying landscape.

To increase your website’s quality visitors, you can structure and manage PPC campaigns. How to create PPC campaigns that increase clicks while reducing costs Learn how to use retargeting effectively and establish key performance indicators that will boost your PPC performance.

Learn to:

Learn the importance of Pay Per Click in the world of search marketing
Create and implement PPC campaigns to increase quality clicks and improve Quality Scores
Create highly effective PPC ads that encourage click throughs and continue testing
To maximize high-quality visitors and minimize costs, develop a bid management strategy
You can identify, measure, and then act on the KPIs that will increase your PPC performance

SEO / PPC Course – An interactive course that covers fundamentals of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). This results in better Search Engine Optimisation and more engaging PPC campaigns.

For marketers who want to learn in the most challenging areas of digital marketing, there are intensive courses that can be done hands-on.
These courses will teach you how to evaluate your current SEM activities and help you promote your brand through search engine channels.

Courses will include:

Organic Search Optimization

Paid Search Marketing

Keyword Planning

Analyse of SEO/PPC Competitors

Search Marketing Strategy Development

PPC campaign development and implementation

Optimising SEM activities to maximise ROI

Reporting and measuring

It can be difficult to get visitors to your website. This interactive search engine marketing course will show you how to increase your website’s “natural” search engine ranking and boost sales through paid advertising. This training combines search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per Click (PPC) training.

This training course’s first module covers the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that delegates can optimize their sites for search engines. This course will teach you the basics of search engines and how pages should structure for SEO. This course will provide you with practical advice about keyword research, content generation and link building, as well as how to optimize your results. You can tailor this section to your website.

The second module will focus on “paid search engine advertising” (Pay Per Click Advertising), with a particular emphasis on Google Ads. The course will teach you how to set up and successfully implement a Google Ads campaign. This includes keyword choices, copy, and choosing the right targeting options. This section will show you how to make the most of Google Ads reporting to optimize campaigns for maximum ROI.