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Computer science is the most sought-after subject on edX. There are excellent programming courses available from top universities and institutions like Harvard, MIT and Microsoft to help you get started. To learn the fundamental concepts and key concepts of computer science, you can start with an introductory course such as Harvard’s CS50 or MIT’s Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python. IITBombay also offers self paced programming courses, including Programming Basics or Object-Oriented Programming. These courses focus on logical thinking as well as best programming practices. All courses can be obtained online, and some, like the Arizona State University’s Programming for Everyone program, allow you to apply for college credit.

Next, dive into different computer programming languages. There are many tutorials and courses that will teach you how to code in JavaScript, Python HTML, R, C++, and other programming languages. Learn the similarities and determine which language is best for your task.

You want to get even further? To expand your knowledge and enhance your experience, enroll in the advanced MicroMasters program. Online courses in software testing and software development are available. They provide advanced training that will help you get a master’s or bachelor’s degree in computer programming.

Jobs in computer programming

Computer programmer skills can be used to create their own tickets. There are many open programming jobs and other related fields. At the time this article was written, had more than ten thousand results for Java programmers searching for positions. This is just the United States. Computer programming is a broad field that allows people to choose from many popular programming languages. There are also many entry-level positions available. Start as a junior programer in the language you prefer and build the skills and experience to become a software engineer or Chief Technology Officer.

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You can take a beginner course on computer science or in any of the programming languages to see if this is the right field for you. You can now learn how to program in many languages with self-paced intro courses. Register today to start learning.

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Computer programming is constantly evolving. Machine learning is a rapidly evolving field of computer science. 20 years ago, few computer science students could have predicted that machine learning would become commonplace in everyday life. Machine learning has been a topic of interest in the tech industry for 5 years. Many people now employ data scientists and machine-learning researchers to help them build and secure their systems.