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Google Cloud Platform Architecture

Google Cloud’s online programming courses are more focused on the deployment of solution-based components, such as solutions that are based upon infrastructure elements such as application services, networks, and so forth. It assists in the deployment of practical solutions that include access management, encryption keys, and so on.


JavaScript is a good choice if you don’t want to become a Full Stack Web Developer but still want to do web development. Understanding JavaScript and the basic concepts behind it is essential.

This course will help you understand closures, IIFEs and prototypal inheritances. You will also learn how to debug your projects from the comfort of your own home. It will allow you to analyze the source code of JavaScript frameworks and help you build your JavaScript library.


Angular 6 is a great tool to help you build responsive and beautiful web applications. Angular 6 is a new version of Angular.js. It will teach you how to understand components, directives, and HTTP access.

React and Redux

Redux and React should be the two main areas any app developer should focus on. Redux and React are great resources for anyone who is interested in making their own app or working with a company to build one.

You can take a React and Redux course to learn how to create different apps that are supported by Webpack, ES6 and NPM. This course will teach you about how React components work and the various structure-based applications that Redux offers.

Android N Developer

Do you love to see new apps appear in Google Play Feeds? Are you interested in learning how to create such an app yourself? You can begin your journey by learning how you can build an Android 7 Nougat app. You can create your own Android apps like Uber and WhatsApp by learning Android app development. You will also learn how to market your app online in the Android App Development online courses.

iOS 11 & Swift Developer

Many people are aware that iOS and Android use different technologies and therefore have different methods of app development. Swift 4 and Xcode 9 are required if you want to create apps with CoreML and ARKit. You can be a professional iOS developer by mastering Swift 4 or Xcode 9. You can create apps for companies or work as a freelance developer.


Node.js is a great place to start if you want to create real-world, network-based applications. You will be able develop, test, and then deploy incredible production applications in real time by mastering Express, MongoDB and Mocha.

Before you can become a professional Node developer, you need to first master these platforms. Node.js is a large field, so you will face many challenges. Node.js courses will help you overcome these obstacles and sharpen your Node.js skills.