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What is International Trade?

All transactions between countries that involve the exchange of goods or services are considered international trade. Global trade allows for new markets to be opened for the sale and manufacture of goods and services. It also allows companies to source raw materials and produce products at lower prices, which in turn makes them more competitive. If materials or manufacturing labor are cheaper in countries that have different labor laws and government subsidies, globalization can have negative effects on local economies. In an effort to protect domestic production, governments might impose trade barriers such as tariffs or quotas on foreign trade.

International Trade Courses and Programs

Global commerce success is dependent on understanding the international business environment. Learn about the economic, social and institutional factors that affect international trade and the business environment in each country. Learn more about international trade agreements, foreign policy and how they impact international business strategy. You will learn the leadership skills necessary to drive growth across cultural and geographical boundaries. You can take online courses in international business either as a part of a MicroMasters certificate or individually. One of the many programs offered by the University of Queensland, Leadership in Global Development MicroMasters, is a program that will help you develop your business skills and expand your knowledge of global business.

Jobs in International Trade

International trade requires people who are familiar with the specific cultural, political and economic factors of each country. International trade jobs are available for product analysts, logistic experts, operations managers, logistics specialists, marketing managers and import-export business directors.

Learn about a career in International Trade

Learn more about international business and global growth by enrolling in courses. Learn more about international trade careers and how to get a job.

Take online courses offered by top schools and institutions to learn more about stock trading, measuring risk, exchange-traded money, investing strategies, and understanding the market.

What is Stocks?

It’s okay to keep reading about stock markets, but not too much. Many people are unfamiliar with the concept of the stock exchange. Stocks, also known as equities give shareholders a small share in a company. These shares are bought by investors to provide cash flow for companies and a return on investment. This could be regular income in some cases. It could also be regular income. In other cases it might be monetary value that you can withdraw based on market performance.

Learn about Stocks

You should learn all you can about the stock market before you invest. You should not invest like you would save money. Therefore, it is important to have the right knowledge in order to make informed decisions about your investments.