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Moat Academy
4 reviews

We are a hotbed for software developers: our environment fosters rapid growth, high performance and allows you to become a great developer. You will go from any level (even without prior knowledge) up to an advanced level that allows you to fit in to the roles of experienced 1-year-old or 2-year-old developers right after our boot camp. No longer are people assuming that software development is rocket science, or that you need to be a mathematician or a geek in order to become a developer. We have been in the business for many years and can confidently state that software development can be learned just like any other trade. We act as an intermediary between the higher education institutions and the industry to bridge the gap so that unemployed people can acquire skills that will help them solve real-life problems. This will make them more competitive in the market. It is more like an apprenticeship, where you learn software development from experts in this field. It is 100% practical and job-oriented. Employers are highly interested in graduates who can run any software company around the globe. Our curriculum was designed so that they can get to the ground quickly.

Why Bootcamp?

The bootcamp is designed to get you ready for work. The 12-weeks of software development will teach you more than your 4-year stay at the university. We bring real-life scenarios into our workshops, teach you how to learn, problem-solve with design thinking, and most importantly, you will be able to create a community/forum where you can learn from other software developers so that your journey as a software engineer is smooth.

Last reviews for "Moat Academy"
  • Kholumo
    2021-12-03 16:13:14

    It's so rewarding to play a part in the institution's growth.

  • Sabza
    2021-12-03 16:13:13

    These institutions are larger and more efficient because they have been doing this for so many years.

  • Stanley
    2021-12-03 16:13:12

    It's not that much of a deal because they are happy.

  • Gobeni
    2021-12-03 16:13:12

    This university is truly extraordinary.

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