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Zetatronix Systems
4 reviews

Zetatronix Systems is a Nigerian integrative IT solutions company based in Lagos. We specialize in developing innovative, functional and efficient solutions to meet your needs. Solutions can be deployed on mobile, desktop and web platforms. Anything you can think of, we can do. Our mobile app development program teaches students the technical skills needed to create native mobile apps that can be used on multiple platforms. Our company has been training people for over ten years.

Last reviews for "Zetatronix Systems"
  • Siakhile
    2021-12-02 12:17:32

    An acclaimed university

  • Kapil
    2021-10-11 15:44:38

    Now that I have a basic understanding of the subject, I can continue to improve my skills in this field.

  • Fatokun Itunu
    2021-10-11 15:44:37

    We are grateful for your help.

  • Lathi
    2021-10-11 15:44:36

    I found the faculty's teaching style to be exceptional. They gave me examples and helped me understand python algorithms.

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