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Alpha Partners
10 reviews

Alpha Partners is a well-respected firm of Training and Management Consultants. We have many years of experience in corporate training in Finance, Accounting and Auditing, Banking and Management, Security, Engineering and Public Relations, Secretarial Studies and Leadership as well as Marketing and other areas of human endeavor. Our multi-disciplinary firm was founded in 1996 with branches in Lagos, Enugu, and Awka. It has highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated staff.

Last reviews for "Alpha Partners"
  • Matimba
    2021-12-02 12:16:31

    Students can also benefit from extra activities and events.

  • Somuyiwa Azeezat
    2021-07-20 12:19:03

    After upgrading my skills with these HR trainings, I pick skilled people for the work faster. The company develops and I get rewards. Many thanks people!

  • Taiwo Lawal
    2021-07-20 12:18:56

    Need money? Read this tip carefully: select this training in internet marketing, work hard and get a job with a good salary. If I did it, you will do it, too!

  • folarin ridwan
    2021-07-20 12:18:44

    Congratulate me people, I’m a hired Junior now! This Python training was a perfect choice, and I cannot recommend it enough as a true game-changer!

  • nwadialor stephen obie
    2021-07-20 12:18:37

    I dreamt to start a new life and needed new skills. Business training from this center was a lifesaver, and now it’s time to set up my own project with clear goals!

  • Aaron Adam
    2021-07-20 11:58:25

    Hi peeps! I’m so blessed I took this finance course! My spendings plummeted and I understand where to look for additional income opportunities!

  • Ann Austin
    2021-07-16 13:39:32

    I tried to start a new life stage and needed a new trade. Business coaching from this provider was a lifesaver, and now I launch my own operation with clear goals!

  • Fatokun Itunu
    2021-06-22 11:12:27

    It was truly an enlightening time.

  • SomTee Chuks
    2021-06-22 11:12:26

    It was easy to locate the right person with great client relationships. This is thanks to the brilliant instructions on the welcome page. It was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've had and I look forward to returning.

  • Ayesa Funmilayo
    2021-06-22 11:12:26

    This was a great place to learn.

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