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Caroline Wabara
5 reviews, a virtual marketing company based in Lagos, was founded by me in 2010. It provides web strategy and implementation services to individuals, businesses and organizations from all industries that want to fully utilize the internet to reach their customers.

My clients know that the internet can be a powerful tool to help them skyrocket their business.

Last reviews for "Caroline Wabara"
  • Danie
    2021-12-02 12:16:58

    It was ranked 9th in the 2018 South African University Rankings.

  • Radhika Arora
    2021-09-07 10:04:57

    Amazing institute

  • kartik maniyar
    2021-09-07 10:04:56

    This institute produced some talented new developers.

  • Indraneel Mohite
    2021-09-07 10:04:55

    Great training institute that everyone should recommend

  • Aalika Shah
    2021-09-07 10:04:45

    Web is a great idea

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