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Data Science Nigeria (DSN) EdTech
6 reviews

Data Science Nigeria (DSN EdTech) is a leader in the innovative use of emerging technologies to support effective learning delivery both online and offline. This organization has a strong expertise in the use pervasive telecommunication channels (IVR. USSD. SMS. Zero-rated URLs.) and offline content distribution. This allows for accessible, remote and useful learning from any device without the internet.

Last reviews for "Data Science Nigeria (DSN) EdTech"
  • moohmad
    2021-12-02 12:16:26

    Colleges host cultural events and festivals

  • Aniket Moraskar
    2021-09-06 14:17:03

    It was a great experience learning. I am grateful to all my staff for helping me complete my project.

  • Nandita Maniyar
    2021-09-06 14:17:02

    This institute provided excellent support for us in hiring students.

  • Varnika gupta
    2021-09-06 14:17:01

    The good training institution. Team, thank you!

  • Akash Giri
    2021-09-06 14:16:59

    It was an experience to learn at such a bad and poor institution.

  • Elegance Wellness
    2021-09-06 14:16:58

    Worst Institute. We got any competent candidates from them to help us in our business.

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