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Digital Marketing Skill Institute
7 reviews
72B Surulere Way, Dolphin Estate, 101222, Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.
+234 (0) 816 528 9018, +234 (0) 902 161 9466, +234 (0) 818 218 5275. +1(307) 222 6301

This is how we have grown and helped thousands of people in different countries and continents to succeed in their careers and businesses. We have built a team of brilliant experts in Nigeria through a relentless drive to achieve our goals. They have worked with many clients within Nigeria as well as internationally. As we solve complex digital marketing problems daily for our clients, our team continuously expands their knowledge. We have worked with clients from many countries (Nigeria and Kenya, Ghana, Gambia and Gambia), as well as the United Kingdom and United States.

Last reviews for "Digital Marketing Skill Institute"
  • Samuel
    2021-12-02 12:16:09

    All courses offered by this university are excellent

  • Akinola Olaniyan
    2021-07-20 12:18:47

    Need income? I’ll tell you what to do: choose this coaching in internet marketing, work diligently and get a better new job. If I managed, you will do it, surely!

  • David Obaita
    2021-07-16 13:39:12

    I tried to start a new life and needed something new. Business training from this company was a godsend, and now it’s time to launch my own venture with confidence!

  • Promise Okeke
    2021-06-17 09:50:53

    The training was so interactive and fun.

  • Okoyeuche Nnaemeka Oderaa
    2021-06-17 09:50:52

    They teach well, after teaching if you don't learn the fault is from you.

  • Gift Obi
    2021-06-17 09:50:50

    It was a wonderful experience, I was provided with health, safety and environmental training which widened my knowledge concerning my safety, the safety of others and the impact to the environment. I loved the teachings and the practicals during the training.

  • Daniel Nweze
    2021-06-17 09:50:50

    I liked how the trainers were willing to answer all the questions that we asked in a polite manner.

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