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GoldStead Resources
4 reviews

GoldStead Resources is a specialist in optimizing human capital and businesses for achieving set goals. Our real-world experiences are used to help organizations and their employees. We use solution-based methods for maximum results. Our human resource consulting company is focused on providing business value to clients. Organizations achieve their goals by implementing strategies and policies that align with business plans. We also focus on best practices.

Plot 6 Alhaji Idowu Street, Off Oke Street, by TFC, Shobo Bus Stop, Akowonjo, Lagos
+2348037119334, +2348183174787
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Last reviews for "GoldStead Resources"
  • Mojaesi Phejane
    2021-12-02 12:16:23

    This university is proud to have me.

  • Akindaini Atinuke
    2021-07-16 13:38:38

    I tried to start a new career and needed something new. Business coaching from this team was the best thing ever, and now I set up my own operation with assurance!

  • Adetunji Oremosu
    2021-06-16 14:10:53

    A well-constructed building located in the heart Ikeja's bustling city center, only a few meters away from the local government office. Parking is limited, but it's possible to park. You can feel secure.

  • Martin Nweze
    2021-06-16 14:10:48

    I haven't been inside. Although I have been by it a few times. It is a beautiful building from the outside.

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