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Institute of Certified Communicators
7 reviews

The Institute of Certified Communicators is a leading educational consultancy that is strategically focused. Our team has extensive experience working with schools, businesses, and the media. ICCOM helps teachers, students, public speakers, government officials and salespeople to be better speakers and professionals.

Last reviews for "Institute of Certified Communicators"
  • Jake
    2021-12-02 12:16:27

    Great University with great infrastructure

  • Jayy
    2021-09-06 14:16:58

    Excellent staff. The teaching is excellent, and the explanations are very clear.

  • nikita giri
    2021-09-06 14:16:57

    It was the best of my life.

  • Shriraj Hagawane
    2021-09-06 14:16:50

    We are grateful for your training and support.

  • Pritesh Paul
    2021-09-06 14:16:49

    Amazing experience. The worst institute

  • Amey Bapat
    2021-09-06 14:16:48

    Poor teaching. Unfriendly trainers and staff.

  • Aditya Deshmukh
    2021-09-06 14:16:47

    Poor institute. Amazing & unsupportive staff.

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