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J-Prime InfoTech
6 reviews
29/31, Awolowo Glass House, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria
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J-Prime InfoTech was born out of the realization of IT professionals in Nigeria not having the skills required to fill many IT industry jobs. Instead, they opt for degrees that are obsolete long before graduation. IT is still a highly populated career in Nigeria, and in Africa.

IT is also a career path that is easy to enter for newcomers. To become an IT professional, you will need to choose a specialization area and complete the required courses to be certified.

Last reviews for "J-Prime InfoTech"
  • Lindelwa
    2021-12-02 12:16:03

    This school is my home, and I would recommend it for anyone who asks. This school is amazing, but I would recommend that they change how they do business.

  • Sadiq Ibrahim
    2021-07-20 12:18:40

    Raise your beer, friends, I’m an employed Junior now! This Python training was a perfect choice, and I cannot compliment it enough as a true game-changer!

  • Babajide FARINDE
    2021-07-16 13:38:52

    I dreamt to start a new life and needed new skills. Business course from this center was the best thing ever, and now I launch my own shop with clear goals!

  • Daniel Oluwatosin
    2021-06-16 14:11:01

    Great place.. great customer service

  • Emmanuel Ayeni
    2021-06-16 14:11:00

    This is the heart of Ikeja. I was brought here by my Cisco certifications. It's also the office of Cophild Consulting (Cisco Oracle and Web). I love the view from up there. It's in the middle of Ikeja, a famous computer village. Here, I can configure Cisco routers live.

  • sherif yusuff
    2021-06-16 14:10:59

    To make one happy person, we have to work together

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