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P.C. CONTROLLERS LIMITED was founded in 1991. It began business in 1992. They specialize in the sales, repair and maintenance of computers, office equipment and IT power solutions equipments.
The company’s goal is to raise awareness about the importance and necessity of modern business equipments, computers and power solutions in all areas of business.

Last reviews for "P.C. CONTROLLERS LIMITED"
  • Matthews
    2021-12-02 12:16:45

    Amazing university with friendly faces and many cultures

  • Gosavi
    2021-09-09 09:52:06

    They have a highly qualified teaching staff.

  • Pawar
    2021-09-09 09:52:05

    This is where you can gain practical knowledge.

  • Akhil
    2021-09-09 09:52:04

    Excellent software training institute

  • Kalyani
    2021-09-09 09:52:03

    Teachers and staff are unsupportive

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