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Tech24 Limited
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Tech24 Limited, an innovative ICT company, helps businesses leverage technology to reduce cost, increase profits and save time. We make your business more efficient and improve performance. Our exceptional customer service, innovative approach, integrity, passion for excellence, and outstanding customer support are what set us apart from other ICT companies. Our team is made up of skilled and experienced personnel who are passionate about what they do. We create unforgettable experiences for each client.

Nikky Afrikana, 1st Floor, 70c, Allen Avenue, Opp MTN Office, First Bank Bus Stop, Ikeja, Lagos
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Last reviews for "Tech24 Limited"
  • Mvulane
    2021-12-02 12:16:00

    There are many sculptures and memorials throughout the grounds.

  • Hunk Realtors
    2021-07-16 13:38:44

    I hoped to start a new page in life and needed a new trade. Business training from this center was a blessing, and now it’s time to start my own project with assurance!

  • Kevin Goldman
    2021-06-08 13:51:13

    A professional training center and an IT company

  • Kevin Goldman
    2021-06-08 13:51:13

    It is the best school and college in the area, if not the most.

  • Kevin Goldman
    2021-06-08 13:51:10

    It is a wonderful place to live in. . . Many great people met me. . .

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