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TeenCoders will give your child the best summer learning experience. They will be collaborating with other amazing kids to create computer-aided programs in an exciting and fun class.
The coding courses have been specifically designed for children.Ages 4-16. These courses are project-oriented and include performance indicators that allow for efficient monitoring and evaluation.

Last reviews for "TeenCoders"
  • Chambale
    2021-12-02 12:16:56

    Provisional registration is not available to students in their first year of study at any level, including PhD and Hons MSc.

  • Guvid Sharma
    2021-09-07 10:04:54

    Best Institute in Pune to Train & Placement

  • Chitrakshi Maniyar
    2021-09-07 10:04:53

    As a developer, Awesome Institute was placed

  • Safdar Kowda
    2021-09-07 10:04:52

    supportive staff

  • virtualyoga guru
    2021-09-07 10:04:46

    Worst Institute learned ...!!

  • Navin Rajesh
    2021-09-07 10:04:46

    It was the worst web course.

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