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The Knowledge Academy
9 reviews

We are the largest and most trusted provider of training courses worldwide. Our extensive experience in providing quality-infused learning solutions has enabled us to offer over 30,000 courses in more than 1000 locations across 190 countries. We are market leaders and have trained more than 1 million people. This demonstrates our trustworthiness and unsurpassed quality to all our learners.

Last reviews for "The Knowledge Academy"
  • Gladys
    2021-12-02 12:16:06

    This university is not very good. This university is not great !

  • tunde maye
    2021-07-20 12:18:51

    Need income? Here’s a solution: pick this training in internet marketing, study diligently and get a high-paying job. If I managed, you will do it, surely!

  • Bamgboye Oluwatobi
    2021-07-20 12:18:43

    Congratulate me, friends, I’m an employed Junior now! This Python training was a great choice, and I cannot compliment it enough as a true breakthrough!

  • Ant W
    2021-07-20 11:58:17

    Hey everyone! I’m so happy I chose this finance course! My costs went down and I see now where to tap into additional income opportunities!

  • Jake Barkham
    2021-07-20 11:48:18

    I nudged my kids into robotics and they are inspired absolutely. They got interested in physics and do better at school!

  • Joseph Aleburu
    2021-07-16 13:39:06

    I dreamt to begin a new career and needed a new trade. Business course from this provider was a blessing, and now I can launch my own operation with clear goals!

  • Donatus Kpalap
    2021-06-17 09:50:41

    It was interactive and enjoyable. The instructor and coordinator were both friendly and helpful.

  • Ajiri Kelvin
    2021-06-17 09:50:40

    They have a great skill training center and good trainers. I gained indebt knowledge.

  • Michael Efe
    2021-06-17 09:50:39

    Wow. It was a fascinating and educational experience.

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