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Torilo Academy
7 reviews

We understand how important it is to connect with people who share your passion for learning. Join our community to learn more about the latest job opportunities, courses, and technological trends. You can also ask questions. Our virtual internship program gives qualified graduates the chance to apply their knowledge from class. We are a top-rated training academy in Lagos, Nigeria.

Last reviews for "Torilo Academy"
  • Sibisi
    2021-12-02 12:16:33

    The best private university in the country

  • NIYI Olubiyi
    2021-07-20 12:18:54

    Want income? Listen to me: take this coaching in internet marketing, study diligently and get a high-paying job. If I managed, you can, surely!

  • Goke Akingbade
    2021-07-20 12:18:43

    Yay me, people, I’m a hired Jun dev now! This Python course was a perfect shot, and I cannot appreciate it enough as a real lifesaver!

  • olasanmi Taiwo
    2021-07-16 13:39:33

    I wanted to begin a new career and needed something new. Business course from this team was the best thing ever, and now it’s time to set up my own venture with confidence!

  • Sundry Architecture
    2021-06-22 11:12:30

    Torilo Academy A school that provides a Quality enabling environment for you to grow, every student is encouraged to learn from the tutors.

  • Babatunde Oyeleye
    2021-06-22 11:12:29

    All I can tell you is that Torilo Academy is a great place to learn and communicate. They are also well-organised. I would love to return to learn more, but thanks to Mr. Olawale Awoneye our tutor, thumbs up.

  • Ruth Chika
    2021-06-22 11:12:28

    I had no prior knowledge of web development and signed up for the Web Development course at Torilo Academy. I am proud to say that Torilo Academy made my experience worthwhile. I can now create responsive and functional websites using HTML, CSS, and WordPress. It was a great course.

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